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 “As a coach Devra has incredibly keen insight into human interactions and people’s blind spots, and she provides that insight in such a positive, supportive way that you can’t help but learn and grow. Wonderful to work with. She’s terrific!”  – Physician, Department Director

“Devra really got to the heart of my professional issues and helped me overcome them. She is smart, thoughtful, experienced, a great listener and not afraid to dig deeper so ultimately you can achieve your goals. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with career choices, life pathways and wants to look forward in order to flourish.”   – Film Producer

“Devra is an extremely bright, articulate and personable individual who communicates exceptionally well with a staff that represents a wide variety of personalities. She is quickly able to assess a situation and develop an appropriate plan to solve problems and follow through on monitoring of the implementation. Time and again she has been able to bring individuals who have different backgrounds, philosophies and interests to work together in a harmonious and respectful fashion.”   – Chairman, MD, Department of Medicine

“I can’t thank you enough for coaching me through a very difficult personal and professional experience.  I now look upon the experience as one of the most rewarding in my professional career and wish that I had this opportunity sooner. Your finesse and skill at assessing any potential confrontation and offering the best alternatives for making the most impact and getting the best results empowered me to think creatively, professionally and personally. I am grateful to have  you as my coach and hope to be able to tap your expertise in the future. I thank you for your guidance and all the wonderful advice.”   – Clinical Nurse Practitioner

“Working collaboratively with Devra has been an excellent experience. She is extremely professional, thoughtful and trustworthy. She has the innate ability to identify issues at both a macro and micro level. She always remains objective and stays on task, ensuring that projects remain on target. This has been very beneficial from both a management and staff perspective.”   – Director of Operations

“It was with great pleasure that we worked with you on developing a partnering strategy and program. Your input and leadership were instrumental in helping the architectural team to organize a meaningful event for the project so that we were able to focus and identify critical behaviors and actions, and develop a Code of Conduct, that resulted in positive project performance that helped to complete a $500M building on schedule and under budget.”   – Architectural Executive Project Director

“Devra assesses client coaching and organizational needs to create relevant, effective approaches to meeting those needs. She draws on a wealth of knowledge and skills that allow her to tailor her work to fit specific unique situations.”   – Director, Organization Development and Learning