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Transformative Coaching

People engage in coaching for many reasons. Coaching can be focused on the personal such as clarifying your present circumstances, exploring a new career path, recovering from a challenging situation, dealing with a healthcare issue, increasing self-motivation, living a more balanced life or preparing for retirement.

Coaching can be employed to upgrade leadership skills and manage job performance to create alignment with strategic business goals and support organizational expectations and change.

Whatever the objective, TRANSFORMATIVE COACHING is both a practical and compassionate process that helps you achieve your objectives. As your coach I incorporate the coaching values and concepts of emotional intelligence, authenticity, confidentiality, empathy, business acumen and candid observations.

We create a mutually agreed upon contract and work together to identify and clarify your goals, tackle obstacles, establish realistic objectives and implement strategic action plans to achieve timely and sustainable results. Our efforts are always forward looking.

TRANSFORMATIVE COACHING differs from therapy and counseling in that the focus is on the present and future rather than dwelling on past emotional patterns or unresolved areas.

TRANSFORMATIVE COACHING works in partnership with you to empower and support you through your personal and professional changes.

“The New Retirement”

One area of coaching is called the “The New Retirement” which focuses on transitioning from your job to retirement, re-invigorating your present retirement or assisting you if you’re a partner in a retirement situation.

Please take a look at  “New Retirement” Coaching.