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“New Retirement” Coaching

 “ Instead of absorbing an obsolete view of retirement, we should consider…a flexible life plan that provides for your financial, vocational, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Unless you look at your future holistically, merely saving up a pile of money will be a meaningless act.”  

– John F. Wasik, Author – The Late-Start Investor

Emphasis in retirement is most often placed on financial planning, which is critically important, but doesn’t address the potential void of emotional, psychological, intellectual and physical adjustments. Serious attention to these aspects is important for those who are considering retirement, currently retired and wanting to revitalize their retirement or are a partner in a retirement situation.

“NEW RETIREMENT” explores the transition from employment and the challenges of loss of identity and disengagement from work, habitual schedule and daily socialization. It examines the opportunity to engage in another career and the adjustment to personal and family life, outlook on health and aging, choice of leisure and social preferences, personal development and self-actualization.

“NEW RETIREMENT COACHING” helps you successfully deal with the crucial non-financial challenges and changes involved in transitioning to retirement. A Retirement Success Profile assessment is used to measure 15 factors that impact your retirement decisions and readiness.

Retiring may be voluntary and happily anticipated; however, if one is not well prepared joy can shift from initial positive expectations to procrastination, frustration, depression, boredom, fatigue, poor health and feelings of inadequacy.

The key to a happy retirement is to make informed choices and plan your transition in advance so that you simply don’t retire FROM something but TO something. Fine-tuning may be required If you are already in your retirement state.


“Retirement is not an ending but a transition to a different phase of life of expanded opportunities.”